Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) Course

The Value of Certification as a Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant


Podiatry Assistants are valuable and necessary support for the podiatrist in a podiatry office. Assistants are taught the “how-tos” of working as a member of the team with the podiatrist. They are the third and fourth hands of the podiatrist when working with patients and are in charge of many of the internal workings of the office. Now they have an opportunity to learn important clinical background information about working with patients’ feet, and bringing them to a higher level of clinical expertise in performing their jobs.

This course consists of ten online learning modules (audio and visual) with online exams after the fourth and the final modules. After passing the exams, an internship in a licensed podiatrist’s office is required and usually provided by the student’s employer podiatrist. On receiving verification that the student has had instruction on particular skills and finished the internship program, a certificate is awarded and sent to the new Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) by the American College of Podiatric Medicine (ACPM).

The program is purchased online for $749. A discount is available for Assistants taking this course if they are sponsored by an ACPM member, ACPM sponsored assistants pay $599

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The Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) course provides proof, through the certification process, that the assistant has studied and passed a course containing the professional information needed to work in a clinical assisting (not administrative assisting) role in a podiatry office!

The Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant —

  • Performs beyond current standards
  • Performs pretreatment foot exams
  • Performs safe procedures for at-risk clients
  • Collects client health information correctly
  • Commits to aseptic techniques
  • Properly uses podiatry products and equipment
  • Performs sterilization procedures
  • Performs strapping
  • Understands MicroTrauma™ and iatrogenic injuries
  • Understands podiatric diseases and disorders
  • Uses PPEs when appropriate
  • Understands how to perform fungal nail care
  • Provides set up of a sterile field
  • And much more….

Certification as a Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) is a qualification that is relevant only in the office or clinical facility of a supervising Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Consequently, ACPM restricts the display of the CCPMA certificate and the use of the CCPMA designation to that clinical practice. All CCPMAs are required to agree to abide by this restriction before a diploma is issued.

– 50 multiple choice questions for 2 exams

– 1 hour and 30 min timed for each exam

– 2 attempts to receive 75% or better to pass

Need more information?

For questions, contact the ACPM at info@acpmed.org or (213) 336-4300.


Special Bridge for Certified MNTs and PMAs

For MNTs and PMAs already certified by the Medinail Learning Center (MLC), ACPM has established a ‘bridge’ to the ACPM Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant (CCPMA) designation. This requires passing an additional ‘bridge’ test online, paying a fee of $75, and completing an online Scope of Practice Agreement. Click here to pay the $75 via ACPM’s secure online order form and gain access to the bridge exam and become an ACPM CCPMA.

– 20 multiple choice questions

– 40 minute timed exam

– 2 attempts to receive 75% or better to pass