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Review Text in Podiatric Orthopedics &Primary Podiatric Medicine (Third Edition)

The Third Edition of The Review Text in Podiatric Orthopedics & Medicine was planned several years ago when major changes in residency education were apparent and the medical sciences underpinning our practices had advanced since the Second Edition was printed in 2005. This new Edition brings all aspects of the practice of podiatric orthopedics and medicine into one easy to read and track volume. Having access to both a print copy and an online copy will further enhance the usefulness of this important text when in the clinic and faced with diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.

Initially, and primarily, designed to assist residents in training to prepare for the examinations of the America Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM), the previous editions were also found to be useful to practicing doctors as a quick and handy reference if and when needed. Like most fresh editions of a text book there is some duplication from earlier versions. However, while honoring the previous text content, there is marked amplification and expansion of numerous topics in this new Edition.

We trust you will find our efforts, and those of all the contributing authors, valuable to you in your podiatric medical careers. Best wishes for success as you take the ABPM examinations and become a Diplomate of ABPM.

~ Drs. Kathleen Satterfield and Daniel Evans.

The Review text comes in two versions: a print and digital bundle and a digital-only version.


  • Current Fellow/Member: $149 (print & digital) / $99 (digital only)
  • Current Resident Member: $199 (print & digital) / $149 (digital only)
  • Non-member: $299 (print & digital) / $199 (digital only)

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ACPM Notebook

This notebook is something that you can keep with you during your postgraduate training experience and afterwards. It was designed for you to get the most out of any Academic Journal Clubs. This notebook will serve a resource for you for potentially your entire career: from studying for board exams to reviewing pertinent articles that relate to your daily practice.

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2024 Billing & Coding Manual

Dr. Michael Warshaw’s 2024 Podiatry Manual will give you the answers to your billing & coding questions while providing you with critical billing & coding updates through 2024 and beyond.

Price includes shipping & handling

  • ACPM Fellow/Member: $125
  • Non-member: $175

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