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ACPM E-Learning POD: Podiatry on Demand

This online resource for continuing education features lectures from a diverse group of experts.

Each lecture (approximately 30 minutes long) is followed by a short quiz and survey, allowing users to receive potential CME and state requirement, plus achieve MOC category 2 fulfillment. lecture length to 30 minutes minimum.

You can receive ABPM MOC credit for successfully submitting a lecture and recognition by your colleagues!!

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NOTE: To receive MOC credit, Fellows must complete the survey and achieve a 60% or higher pass rate on the questions administered at the end of the lecture. Individuals who do not achieve the minimum pass rate will have a 2nd opportunity to retake the incorrect questions. After the 2nd attempt, if the Fellow does not pass, CME credit may still be awarded but they must start the lecture again and meet the criteria to receive MOC credit.

The ACPM e-Learning POD is FREE for all ACPM Members! ePODs are available by logging into the ACPM member portal!

Not a member of ACPM?

ACPM Fellows must be ABPM certified. Annual dues to the ACPM are $199 and includes (among many other benefits):

  • Access to ACPM e-Learning POD lectures and quizzes.
  • Receive potential CME and state requirement plus achieve MOC category 2 fulfillment.
  • Lectures are based on the categories of the ACPM Review Text and contain topics that include, but are not limited to, biomechanics and wound care.

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